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Superintendent '''Frank Castle Froest''' (1858, Bristol – 7 January 1930) was a UK|British detective and crime writer. Froest was described by a journalist as being "...short, thick-set, full-faced, Mr.Froest in uniform looked more like a Prussian Field Marshal|field-marshal than anything else. Out of uniform (which he generally was) he was always immaculate in silk hat, patent leather boots, and carrying a carefully rolled umbrella." Called 'the man with iron hands', Froest was incredibly strong, and could tear a pack of cards in half and snap a Sixpence (British coin)|sixpence 'like a biscuit'.Sunday News, January 12, 1930
Birth name| birth_date = 1858
Birth placeBristol, United Kingdom
Death date{{Death date|df=y|1930|07|01}}
Othername| occupation = Police detective and crime writer
Spouse| nationality = British
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